Modeling response and review of PITTMAN DC Motor

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In Karachi Pakistan, if you ask an engineer (mostly electronic engineer), that where can you find cheap & quality wise electronic products. They will often tell you to visit Shershah market. The place is basically a scrapyard but it attracts many technical personnel. Though I have never visited Shershah myself but always get something better and cheap according to my expectation through a friend. This includes DC Motor when I first saw that motor, I thought it will not be in working condition or it will require much calibration in its sensor. The motor was a PITTMAN’s non-geared DC motor. The motor costed just 1000 Pakistani Rupees.

I was impressed after observing the linearity of this motor. At the end of this post I think you will also be impressed.

Atlast, I made a decision to test its accuracy according to its datasheet. I measured some parameters which are mentioned on motor.

Such as it say the speed encoder produces 1024 CPR (Cycles Per Revolution) and datasheets mentioned max. speed at no-load condition 3211 RPM (at 30.3V).


USB Device for Ziegler Delta Energy Multifunction Meter

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Ziegler is a big name in the manufacturers of electrical meters, and in this post I will tell you about the making of USB device for collecting data from its RS485 end, and then displaying the collected values on a C# based GUI application.

NERC: Participation at NUST Competition 2011

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NERC is an annual robotics competition organized by National University of  Science & Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. National Engineering Robotics Contest (NERC) is a joint project to promote research in robotics and its related fields in Pakistan. This contest provides a common environment for the integration and evaluation of various mechanical and electronics designs, control and path planning algorithms and agent architectures. The aim of this year’s contest is to Build an autonomous robot which is capable of picking colored blocks and place them in slots of their respective color.Over the years NERC has grown increasingly popular among students and university engineering departments across the country. We value the interest that our participants have shown and pledge to bring exciting new challenges every year for the advancement of robotics community at an increasingly wider scale.

I participated in the event in 2nd year of my undergrad with a PID Line Edge Follower.