I have joined Computational Cameras & Vision Lab. at Istanbul Medipol Universitesi in Turkey as a graduate research assistant from the spring of 2015, where I have been under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bahadir Gunturk. My basic area of research lies in computational imaging, especially in light field imaging. Since 2016, I had started my brief freelancing career, where I provided my services as a freelancer in the areas of computer vision and MATLAB, which greatly enhanced my programming skills and boosted a spirit of problem-solving as I explored several techniques for solving different types of imaging problems.

Before this period I served at PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology in Pakistan as a graduate teaching fellow, where I taught Linear Control Systems laboratory for a year and developed tools for better interactivity and practical understanding of this course.

In 2013, I graduated from NED University of Engineering and Technology from its Industrial Electronics department. Throughout the duration, I developed sound experience and skills in the fields of embedded programming and by interfacing the applications of control systems and signal processing to it, my interest moved towards solving engineering problems of robotic vision. Due to the availability of enormous computing power and its application in the worlds nowadays, I hoped that the classical techniques which have been theorized can be utilized to implement them practically.

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M Umair Mukati, Bahadir Gunturk K

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